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My Journey

Making life sweeter one slice at a time

My journey with baking and cake decorating began years before I even realized or knew that it was a dream or a desire. As a little girl I loved sweets (particularly chocolate) and every year I’d bake my mothers birthday cake not “fully understanding” what it was I was potentially preparing for, never really giving baking or cake decorating a second thought. It wasn’t until I baked a birthday cake for a sweet little boy when I realized that I could actually do something I ENJOY and get paid for it.

I’m a self-taught baker, and my passion for decorating cakes is driven by my thrill for challenges and requests that push me out of my comfort zone and make me think outside of the box. I love working with new mediums and trying different innovative techniques that would leave you mesmerized. I currently operateBuy the Slice out of my home in San Antonio, TX and look forward to launching a mobile bakery in the near future.

With baking and cake decorating I hope to evoke thoughts and feelings that inspire people to see and experience their world in a different way.

“I would like to thankBuy the Slice once again for their excellent cake service provided during my son’s Celebration of Life Event on 3 September 2017. My son was killed-in-Action on 5 September 2007. This event marked his 10-year Anniversary of his death. Ms. Lachelle Washington did everything possible to make my son’s day special for me, my family, and friends. Lachelle helped me with the concept for the cake & ensured it reflected my son’s character to the very last detail. She was extremely professional and most importantly, she was flexible and patient with me as I planned. All of the guests were in awe of her work and attention to detail…and they LOVED the taste and flavor of the cakes as well. I highly recommend Lachelle Washington andBuy the Sliceto anyone who needs cake service for any event!”

Carla Sizer - San Antonio, TX

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